The B Corp Movement

Did you know that there are around 6,800 B Corps in the world? Yep, that’s right! Now let’s put this into perspective: there are roughly 334 million companies swirling around the global business landscape. So, getting a B Corp certification is like discovering a rare gem in a vast cosmic sea of businesses. 

Embarking on the wild ride to become a B Corp isn’t a walk in the park, folks! It’s a thrilling adventure that demands heaps of time, unswerving commitment, and a pinch of eccentric dedication. But hey, we firmly believe it’s a journey worth taking!

The glorious hours and relentless devotion poured into snagging that coveted B Corp certification? They’re like our superhero capes, showcasing our unwavering dedication to making the world a fairer and funkier place!

Not only are we an oatm*lk chocolate company, but we’re an oatm*lk chocolate company who is committed to looking after the planet. So to celebrate our B Corp certification, let’s take a look at what has brought us here.



Our chocolates are the ultimate plant-based delights, crafted with the scrumptiously creamy magic of oat powder. Now, making plant-based chocolate can be a real flavour rollercoaster, with some plant based alternatives being, quite overpowering in the taste department.

But fear not, oat powder is here to save the day! It’s like the chocolate’s trusty sidekick, bringing that velvety, dreamy texture to the party while harmonizing perfectly with the cocoa goodness. So prepare your taste buds for a plant-powered cocoa adventure like no other!



All our packaging? It's 100% recyclable, and here's the best part - you don't need to embark on a quest to some remote corner of the world to recycle it. Nope! You can simply give it a new life right at home! Just pop it into your trusty home recycling bin! 

Now, let's talk about our chocolatey marvels. Our cocoa delights are handcrafted to perfection, right here in Edinburgh, Scotland. We're all about the TLC (Tender Loving Chocolate!) at every step of the way. No artificial flavour tricks up our sleeves, no preservatives lurking in the shadows, and our chocolates? Absolutely Non-GMO! It's like a chocolatey love story that's as clean as the Scottish Highlands air.



Hold onto your taste buds, because here comes the grand finale: Our chocolates are like secret agents from Colombia, on a solo mission! That's right, they're all "single origin," sourced exclusively from one mystical spot in Colombia. But wait, there's more! They're not just from that one place; they're MADE there too. 

Picture this: Chocolate magic happening right at the source in Colombia, with a sprinkle of local wizardry. Then, the chocolate couverture (fancy word for the cocoa goodness) sets off on a journey to our chocolate lab in Edinburgh.

In our chocolatier's haven, we give it the royal treatment. The couverture melts down, and that's when we unleash the flavour fiesta! We're talking exotic spices, fruity twirls, and all the delicious stuff that turns chocolate into delicious delights. 

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