Introducing Birthday Cake and Cherry Oatm*lk Chocolate

We are excited to announce the launch of TWO new flavours  - Birthday Cake and  Cherry Oatm*lk chocolate! These creations don't just captivate your taste buds but also your imagination!
We take pride in our unique packaging with each flavour existing within its own distinct world. Currently the OTHERLY universe includes - The Moon, The City, Underwater and The Jungle. With the launch of these new flavours, two new worlds are introduced, each filled with its own weird and wonderful characters - introducing, Japanese Sunset and the Birthday World!

Birthday Cake Oatm*lk Chocolate: A Celebration in Every Bite

OTHERLY's Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar creates a delicious contrast between the smooth, creamy oatm*lk chocolate and the crunchy texture of colourful sprinkles. Yes, you've heard that right, we've combined chocolate and sprinkles! This fun and colourful combination offers a playful and indulgent treat that's perfect for celebrating any occasion or simply adding a touch of joy to your day.


 Cherry Oatm*lk Chocolate: A Symphony of Flavours

The Cherry Oatm*lk Chocolate is an incredible blend of rich cocoa, creamy oatm*lk, and the bright burst of candied cherry. With a 43% cacao content, this bar offers a unique balance of experiences that will enchant your senses. The richness of the cocoa and the creaminess of the oatm*lk provide a decadent base, while the sweet, candied cherry adds a vibrant, fruity note. As the cherry flavour gradually softens, it leaves a subtle aftertaste that lingers pleasantly, inviting you to take another bite.



Why Choose Plant-Based Oatm*lk Chocolate?

Oatm*lk and chocolate are the ultimate dream team! The creamy oatm*lk perfectly complements the bold cocoa, while its subtle sweetness boosts the chocolate's richness without stealing the spotlight. This duo creates a flavour explosion that's smooth, decadent and delightful. Chocolate lovers, get ready to fall in love!
You can order the Birthday Cake and Cherry Oatm*lk Chocolate bar today! Make sure to head over to our socials @theotherlyside and sign up to our newsletter here to stay up to date with new product launches and updates.